In This Video Training You'll Discover:

  • One Simple Process That 99% Of Coaches Have Never Used That Is Working Like Crazy To Enroll New Clients Without Being Pushy or Salesy.
  • The RIGHT way to lead prospects to believing your solution is the ONLY one which will work.  
  • How to Invert Your Prospect’s DOUBTS To Get Them To Say YES On The First Call.
  • How to cut through objections before they even come up.  
  • Foolish And Dangerous Sales Killers Which Cause Clients To Say "No, I Can’t Afford It’ While Choosing Your Competitors Who Charge More And Are Less Qualified.
  • Sneaky But Ethical And FAST Ways To Get Strangers To Say "Yes" To Your Ridiculously High Prices.  
  • 3 Sales Killing Phrases To Never Use In Your Enrollment Calls. 
  • A Far SIMPLER Secret Solution To Get Clients to Take Action and Never Ghost You Again. 

Peter Frumenti

Has helped over 2000 expert coaches and consultants enroll more clients on the first call without being pushy or salesy. He has built 7 and 8 figure sales teams and worked for some of the most well known names in the high ticket coaching and consulting industry